Wet cleaning

Eco-friendly alternative

The amount of consumers seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products and services is increasing more and more. More often people are looking for products and services that are kinder to the environment and better for their health, like electric vehicles, alternative household cleaning products, organic food, etc.

A lot of customers might be happy to learn that wet cleaning is a fantastic alternative method for laundering.

Safer and better for dry-clean-only garments

Whet cleaning is a much safer and friendlier way to launder dry-clean-only garments as there is no need for solvents or other toxic chemicals. Traditional dry-clean-only fabrics like for example delicate wool, silk, and viscose can be safely washed using the wet clean process. Because a special, controlled by a computer, machinery is used for wet cleaning, the process can be customized according to the material types. Thanks to it wet cleaning is perfect for delicate clothes which normally washed in normal washing machines and powerful spins. Because harsh solvents are not being used in the process, colours are better retained and clothes feel softer.

Environmentally responsible way to launder

Laundry businesses can provide an environmentally responsible way for customers to launder dry-clean-only garments. Wet cleaning with the elimination of harmful chemicals is healthier for our planet and way gentler to your skin. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the most environmentally sensitive professional method of garment cleaning.

Healthier for you

Dry cleaning is a harmful process, as it includes soaking your clothes in solvent-based cleaners, such as perchloroethylene (PERC). It means that this process exposes your body to toxins, which can cause eye irritation, skin rashes or even hormonal disruption. This is a very important reason, why you should choose wet cleaning.