Commercial and private laundry

Why spend your evenings and weekends doing laundry when you can have it all done for you?

Nobody likes to spend time on loading and unloading washing machine, drying, ironing and folding clothes. We provide commercial and private laundry services and we take every care at each step of our service to ensure your laundry is finished to very high standards. Just simply drop your laundry into a bag and everything will be returned to you nicely washed and dried or even ironed if you need. We are experts in doing laundry so if you have any special requirements or there is a situation with some terrible and tricky stain on your favourite trousers, for example, just pop in and ask for professional advice.

Do you know we are eco-friendly service?

We are living in times when more and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly products in their daily lives. We are happy to announce that we provide an environmentally responsible way to launder. We are using readily biodegradable products which are healthier for our planet and way gentler to your skin. Eco-friendly laundry detergents allow us to give your laundry the refreshing wash but at the same time, we make sure that we respect the environment. Using eco-friendly laundry detergents means that there are less malicious chemicals absorbed through the skin into your body so you can stay healthier.

Shirts service

We are very proud of our shirts service as over the years it became very popular among our clients. Shirts service requires our very special attention to collars and cuffs, after which we wash shirts using special programs, dry them and iron to very high standards. All shirts are returned to our clients on hangers but they can also be folded when required.

Bed linen service

Who doesn’t like freshly looking and smelling bedding? Unfortunately, because of the size of bedding, it’s so hard to wash it, dry and iron properly at home. This is why we developed such a great quality bed linen service to help you with your needs. Now you can enjoy your time in bed even more.

Duvets and pillows service

Duvets and pillows need deep cleaning and we are prepared to offer it to you. They have to be washed in high capacity laundry machines so they can move freely. They also need a special drying process which will return them to make them thoroughly dried and fluffy. Our high capacity washing and drying machines are just waiting to help with your needs.

Curtain, drapes and removable covers service

Curtain, drapes and removable covers should be always cleaned by professionals because these fabrics are very demanding and shrinkage or fabric deformation can easily occur during the cleaning process. This is a special task for us and for our high capacity machines which are necessary to do the job. We will be happy to help you to get rid of dust from all your curtain, drapes and removable covers and to bring them back the vivid colours, glamour and shine.

Wedding dress cleaning service

We are sure that after your wedding you would like to clean your dress so it would look like new again. We will thoroughly examine your wedding dress for stains and other potential problems, carefully clean it with the best possible results, also repair it when necessary and preserve. We have the knowledge and experience to recognize the special materials that wedding dresses are made up of so you can trust us.